Not Getting Enough Vitamin D? 4 Reasons to Take it Right Away

Not Getting Enough Vitamin D? 4 Reasons to Take it Right Away

Think that vitamin D deficiency is an issue for a select group of individuals? The latest research shows that vitamin D deficiency is a global problem. The Harvard School of Public Health recently reported that “one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency.” Along with the many other supplements that are needed to build muscle and maintain a healthy body, vitamin D is a key player. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, stepping outside for just 10 minutes of sun exposure can “produce about 10,000 international units of the vitamin.” However, for those who live in parts of the world that do not receive consistent sunlight, vitamin D supplementation is crucial.


If you suspect that you aren’t getting enough vitamin D due to your lack of sun exposure, now is the time to select a supplement with this nutrient. Explore four of the most important functions of supplements containing vitamin D.

Bone health

One of the most important ways vitamin D supports the body is through the maintenance of healthy bones. Rather than working to support bone health by itself, vitamin D works with calcium.. More specifically, the nutrient plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium. As most know, calcium is an absolute must when trying to maintain strong bones and avoid osteoporosis. Although calcium achieves a lot on its own, vitamin D makes the nutrient even more efficient.

Helps support a healthy weight

Did you know that your daily personal supplement routine has the power to keep your weight in check? Vitamin D is one of the top vitamins to assist in weight loss efforts. In fact, studies have linked a vitamin D deficiency to obesity. Whether you are trying to drop a few extra pounds, or simply maintain a healthy weight, vitamin D supplementation is a necessity.

Immune system support

Aside from its benefits to your body’s physical structure, maintaining an optimum level of vitamin D is crucial in supporting your immune system. Not only does your immune system help fight off the occasional cold and flu, but it also keeps you from developing much more serious diseases. 

Essential for your mental health

One lesser known fact about vitamin D is that it has been found to promote balanced mental health. In particular, vitamin D deficiency could put you at a greater risk of developing depression. Therefore, the benefits of maintaining proper levels of the vitamin go beyond the physical.

When looking to optimize your daily supplement routine, be sure to include a supplement containing vitamin D. Maintaining sufficient levels has the power to build healthy bones, assist in weight loss efforts, boost the immune system, and promote balanced mental health. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if you could benefit from vitamin D supplementation.

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